Around the Web: Fidel Castro gives Jeremy Allison a name check

In his last column, The Definition of Sanity, Jeremy noted that Cuba voted "yes" to the fast-tracking of OOXML, "even though Microsoft is prohibited by the US Government from selling any software on the island that might even be able to read and write the new format." As if by way of an apology, Fidel Castro has responded by quoting one of Jeremy's columns in his own column, which appeared 5 days later, in Juventu Rebelde, the Newspaper of Cuban Youth.

The quote is taken from "Trusted" Computing, which originally appeared in LinuxUser & Developer and was reprinted, unbeknownst to Jeremy, in the Cuban magazine, Rebelion, under the title Computacion "confiada".

Of course, this isn't actually a response to any point that Jeremy has made - that was a joke, but not everyone gets a name check from Fidel. Fidel's article appears in the original Spanish here,

and in English as Deliberate Lies, Strange Deaths and Aggression Against the World Economy, which, of course, is the kind of portentous title we expect to include a reference to Jeremy:).

More relevantly perhaps, the (admittedly sparse) references to free software in this article may reflect Cuba's new found alliance with Venezuela and the other post-military governments in Latin America, such as Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru where there has been much questioning of traditional trading relationships and the ownership of ideas, or maybe it's just that Fidel reads Jeremy. Well, you know how it is...

Cheers, Fidel...

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